Best. Day. Ever.

Like the best day of the week, a Saturday property boasts the best address, with the best interior and exterior design as well as the best customer service.

The Saturday resident is always relaxed and refreshed and ready for what’s ahead—because at the end of it all, they know they’re coming home to the best day of the week.

Investing in a Saturday project rewards low vacancy, high-yield, award-winning properties that sell strong and provide a lasting legacy. 

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What makes the weekend great?

Sleeping in.

Working out.

Watching sports.

Hanging out.


Dining out.



We gain a complete understanding of the vision and expectations of the project stakeholders. After a pre-development review, we develop a schedule and begin our thorough, phased approach.


No one brings a property to market like Saturday. Our team is comprised of professionals that have been hired and trained based on our very high expectations. They are driven to succeed by keeping our properties full and by driving rent growth. 


Properties managed by Saturday are successful because we have the most talented property management team in the industry. We are data driven, because what gets measured gets done right. And we are resident-obsessed because they are our greatest ambassadors.

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1400 Van Buren Street NE
Suite 200-202
Minneapolis, MN  55413

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